Mera Bharat Mahaan…

Every Indian can proudly say this now with much fervour thanks to ISRO. A remarkable feat by our scientists launching 104 satellites in one PSLV XL rocket beating Russia which has to its credit 37 satellite launches at a time. Launching one Cartosat 2 satellite along with 103 nano and micro satellites is no mean feat. Let’s look at the break up of these 103 nano & micro satellites – 2 Indian, 96 from USA and one each from Israel, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Netherland and UAE.
So far 226 satellites have been launched by ISRO and 79% (179) are of other country’s. Such a motivating news while our politician’s are busy fooling the people. Sadly our electronic mass media has no time for such “breaking news”. May be they do not have anchor’s capable of conducting discussions with people responsible for such great feats. These are the news which will have positive growth oriented impact on the masses. But no regrets. Let us salute our scientists and support organisations like ISRO as best as we can.

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